Our last entry reported that we had reached the end of the leat. However, the DPA Leat Team doesn’t leave things at that! Fortuitously, we had one more day left on the calendar, Thursday 14th March. We used it to walk the whole length of the leat that was the subject of this current project.


The team tidying up an area near the original start of the project.

We had the most blue sky and best sunshine in a long time – the weather gods really smiled on us today. I have once again to thank the DPA volunteers who turned out on this landmark occasion: Bob, Chris, Derek, Elaine & John, Helen, John & Rachel, Mally, Val and myself making 11 in total.

The day started from the Clearbrook car park, with Chris and myself leaving our cars at the Yelverton end for a taxi service after the day was over, being collected by John & Elaine who delivered us to Clearbrook. The work consisted of a fairly leisurely stroll along the leat doing odd tidying up jobs with loppers, forks and hand saws.


What does a team march on best – cake, of course!

Today’s “Cake Queen” was Mally and just look at the choice – Ginger cake, Walnut cake (my personal favourite) and Chocolate Muffins. I have said this before – we are often spoiled for choice on these work days!


A view seen from our morning coffee stop, isn’t it beautiful?
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We stopped for coffee in a very sunny spot,  just before entering a long run of dappled shade. As this was our last day and as I had a hip flask (it being a very cold day, early in the morning), our coffees took on an extra warming quality!


Coffee time.

As we walked along, there were quite a few branches and bits of tree brought down covered in the bushy form of ivy. These were removed and stacked in the habitat piles although I suspect that they may well be disturbed in the near future by the local ponies – they have something of a sweet tooth for ivy, if that is possible.


At the end of the leat, beside the main road at Yelverton.

Well, that is the end of this particular story. I think the whole team – including some regulars who were not with us today, and some other “DPA Irregulars”, have done quite an amazing amount of work to clear this section of Devonport Leat, especially where some lengths were completely overgrown and totally inaccessible. Well done, team!