Location: South east of Princetown, near the junction of the Rivers Swincombe and Brake, north-east of Fox Tor Mire and north of Childe’s Tomb. Grid reference SX 624711. Area 19.35 ha (50 acres).

Description: The land is unfenced open moorland, within the South Dartmoor SSSI. It includes the land where the Swincombe and Strane rivers meet and runs north-east on both sides of the Swincombe, ending at the wall which runs north-west from Ter Hill. As well as the river, there are extensive areas of mire and grass moorland. There are the remains of tin workings and two leats. There are ten DPA boundary stones.

In the 1930’s, South West Water acquired land from the Duchy in preparation for the building of the proposed Swincombe reservoir. The land that SWW acquired came mostly from common land of the Forest of Dartmoor but also included land from the adjoining newtakes of Tor Royal and Fox Tor. The shape of the land parcel was predicated on the outline of the proposed reservoir.

After the collapse of the Swincombe reservoir scheme, the DPA acquired a portion of the land from SWW in 1985. The land was purchased with funds provided from the Charity Settlement of Miss ML Trahair and a commemorative plaque records the circumstances of the purchase.