It has been a good summer for the DPA stall.   We’ve been to South Zeal Folk Festival, Chagford and Lustleigh Shows and Widecombe Fair.   Thousands of people have seen the display and found out about our work and some were impressed enough to join the DPA .   Many visitors have bought things – new books, maps, second-hand books donated by members, DPA merchandise and calendars and cards.   The income helps support our work.   Over £2200 has been raised so far this year.

The DPA merchandise link above downloads a .PDF file of the catalogue to your browser, although it doesn’t show the ever-changing library of second-hand books, maps, etc.


The DPA stand with Val, Berni, Phil and Derek.

The DPA stand with Val, Berni, Phil and Derek.


The photograph above was taken at the Chagford Show.

Derek Collins is the mastermind for all this activity, and deserves special thanks.   He has a regular team of helpers – Keith, star salesperson Berni and Val.   They put up the gazebo, set out the stall and chat to visitors throughout  each long, but very enjoyable, day.   DPA Director Phil, Sylvia and Claude are new recruits this year and we look forward to seeing them all again in 2017.  Keith also takes the photos and writes the excellent blog each time.

Links to the shows on the blog

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