Undeterred by wind and rain 8 people joined Bill Radcliffe for a walk around Royal Hill, Princetown on Easter Saturday.   We started down Tor Royal Lane, past ‘Tor Royal House’ (now Tor Royal Farm), built by Thomas Tyrwhitt for himself when he was building ‘Prince’s Town’ in the 1780s.  We then joined the track known as Conchie’s Road, built by conscientious objectors housed at Dartmoor prison in the First World War.  After a short while we left the track and were expertly led in the mist over rough and often apparently featureless ground to eight cists, some with associated cairns.

Intrepid walkers looking at 8 Royal Cists.

Intrepid walkers looking at 8 Royal Cists.

A sheltered spot, and a break in the rain, allowed for a dry lunch, but this improvement was short lived and walking back over Royal Hill, and Royal Tor itself, was sometimes hard going.  “I’ve never been so wet with clothes on” said one apparently happy walker.

Joan Ford's newtake cist, at SX 63140 72169.

Joan Ford’s newtake cist, at SX 63140 72169.

Thanks to David Turrell for some atmospheric photos including a cairn near the summit of Royal Hill, with cist in the centre, and the cist just inside Joan Ford’s newtake wall.