Friday 6th February saw the motley crew that is the DPA Conservation Team assembling in the car park beside Plymouth Leat on the road down to Clearbrook.  Derek met us there to collect my own tools and then drove via Chub Tor to the end of the tarmac road to deliver the tools to the work site. I didn’t seem to see a lot of the day, once the preliminaries were over I got stuck into attending to a large hawthorn on the edge of the bank in the leat and then three other trees nearer to the golf course.  There was quite fast progress in that besides the trees there was not a lot of bramble or bracken – this after our last work here in Sept. 2011.  It may be that this corridor through ther area attracts ponies etc. that may keep some growth down by trampling and grazing. We were so busy that I only took one photograph near the end of the day …..


Devonport Leat – a fully cleared section. Click the image to see a larger version.

The photograph shows what a glorious day it was, although the temperature was only just above freezing – although I do wonder because the mud in the work site “car park” was still frozen. The volunteers today were Adam Sparkes, Bill Radcliffe, Bob Bruce, Chris Francis, David Auty, Derek Collins, John Lucas, Keith Ryan, Mally Stephen, Stephen Barrow, Sylvia Hamilton and Val Barns; 12 in total.  Our thanks to Sylvia for the very well-received fruit cake! The distance covered was about 300 metres, this being judges from digital mapping.  The previous facility of putting a .gpx file from a handheld satnav into Google Maps Satellite View no longer seems to be available at the moment, only into street maps without the aerial view icon that aren’t a lot of use on Dartmoor.  Anyway, my thanks again to everyone for their efforts! While we were working, we saw that this new footpath is used by cheery  dog-walkers!