On Thursday 9th February the volunteers made what will probably be their penultimate visit to the Bronze Age settlement on Raddick Hill. We set out to walk up from Norsworthy Bridge along Raddick Lane on a beautiful, frosty morning.
A frosty Raddick Lane

A frosty Raddick Lane. Photo: John Viant


The APY wagon comes into its own on these days, transporting all our gear and some volunteers up to within striking distance of the site. We were delighted that one volunteer, Chris, with dodgy knees, who has been unable to get to the site until now, was able to join us there for the first time due to the vehicle.
Collecting the tools

Collecting the tools. Photo: John Viant

The group split into two work parties, one lot hitting the regrowth on the pounds that we first cleared about 7 years ago and the other clearing large gorse to try to unearth banks seen by the archaeologist, Sandy Gerrard, in 1980’s. Amazingly, there was no gorse in that area then. We were grateful for some of the gorse to shelter us from the chill wind as we ate our lunch.
Lunch among the undergrowth

Lunch among the undergrowth. Photo: John Viant

We uncovered some stones in around about the correct place but the jury was out on whether these constituted banks. We may have to ask Sandy if he can remember what he found all those years ago!
Off to warm up at the end of the day

Off to warm up at the end of the day. Photo: John Viant

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and did such a good job on the clearing.