The conservation team usually go out to our land at High House Waste on the first Sunday of each month. As the first Sunday in 2012 was also the first day in 2012 the team decided to delay their New Year gorse hacking until yesterday – probably a wise move!

It was a misty, damp day, but that didn’t get in the way of creating fire breaks in preparation for swaling in March. The brush-cutters decided to pack up part way through the day which slowed everyone down, but we still got plenty done. One more day on the East-west firebreak should mean we are ready for swaling.

This means that the 5th February work day can be spent at Hawns, the adjacent DNPA land. On our last work day there we cleared out a farmstead. There are Bronze Age features to the north of it that we will start work on clearing in February. 2012 promises to be a busy year for High House Waste and our conservation team.