No 4 in an occasional series about raising funds for the DPA.

Almost a month since my last post – too long ! This blog entry is dedicated to Tessa, my most recent sponsor. She must have read my previous post and thought that the results of this project would be modest and therefore sponsored me for a handsome amount to become my most generous sponsor. She also capped the amount of sponsorship which turns out to have been a very prudent move as the flywheel has at last begun to turn; the waistband is heading to more equatorial climes (see previous post), and the sponsorship money is beginning to roll in.

I was getting a bit desperate actually. The numbers on the scales just would not budge and I was beginning to think that a label had been stuck over the display. Then suddenly it has all started to move and I am right on track with the original plan. My plate is smaller. But then so too are some other statistics. Two pounds per week sounds such a trivial amount,

Larder at Paxman Towers

Larder at Paxman Towers

especially when compared with the vast surplus to be moved. But when I think of it in terms of the equivalent of 4 x 250gm packs of butter it seems a lot larger. I can’t even think of where I’ve been hiding it all, (take a look in the mirror – Ed) let alone how it then gets lost.

I promised you “A Farewell to Ale”. Actually this occurred on Boxing Day and I haven’t had a drop since. Perhaps, instead of paraphrasing Hemingway, it would have been more appropriate to choose Robert Graves since it has really been “Goodbye to All That” and away have gone the whisky (sigh), the beer (sobbing), and the wine (abject wailing) and Paxman Towers is now a vale of tears – “L’eau fait pleurer, le vin, chanter.”

However, strong drink remains the order of the day. Firstly, a fiery concoction of ginger beer, lemon juice and tonic water. Also I have found (thanks Christina) that strong coffee and chilli both help shift the pounds. So, copious amounts of strong black coffee. Also

My Backgarden

The Chilli Patch in my Garden

frequent tomato juice liberally laced with products from Mssrs Lea & Perrins and the McIlhenny Company. So fond am I of chilli that I have even got a chilli plant successfully ripening in the front room. I have also taken to climbing the walls and roaming the country lanes at the dead of night in my enthusiasm for chilli and coffee.

In fact, abstinence has not been at all difficult. Partial abstinence, in the form of less food, is much crueller and harder to abide.

Weight: 115.5 Kg – 254.4 lbs

Distance Rowed: 230 km (an injury to my toe is temporarily enforcing a metaphorical stopover at a Little Chef somewhere up the M5)

Girth: Not measured recently

Money Raised to Date : £309.35

If you would like to sponsor me and raise funds for the DPA then just send me a message on  Just state the amount of money per pound weight lost (from the starting point of 263 lbs), the maximum amount of your sponsorship, and your best guess of my weight in pounds on June 16th 2012 to be in with a chance of the £50 prize. Judging on progress so far, this will not be an extensive outlay.