Today, of all days, we had a walk around the tors and archaeology above the River Dart valley. Amazingly six people turned up, so with me that made the magnificent seven.

We started from Bel Tor Corner car park and headed off to Sharp Tor, one of several with that name on the moor. As we headed up the eastern slopes we saw several reaves, clearly visible amongst the gorse and bracken. Derek headed up to the summit where the wind was so strong that we beat a hasty retreat and headed off between the two rock piles, skirting around the head of the Row Brook valley, visiting several hut circles on the way. A quick visit to Easdon Cott, down in the valley was rewarded by a break from the wind and then we headed back up the slope to see the magnificent Bronze Age roundhouse that sits just below the Ashburton to Two Bridges road.

From there we crossed the road and up to the summit of Yar Tor. I had thought we could have a coffee break out of the wind in the spiral cairn at the top but I had reckoned without the strength of the wind today. We made it into the centre of the spiral, but were still being buffeted by the wind so decided to head down to take shelter amongst the rocks below. By this stage the gusts of wind were so strong that at times it was all we could do to keep our feet as we scrambled down!

Whilst we had our quick coffee  we kept watching the summit of Corndon Tor, our next destination,  disappear and then reappear in the worsening weather! Not a very reassuring sight. As the quickest way back to the start was that way anyway we headed off, passing the Money Pit kist and the more modern Cave-Penney cross on the way.

We had planned a lunch stop on Corndon Tor, but by this time the weather had really set in so it was a quick yomp down the side of Corndon and across Sherberton Common back to the cars.

It was a shame that a walk with such magnificent views lost that aspect today, but I was as impressed as ever with our members’ determination not to let a little bit of rain spoil their day. Only this time it was rather a lot of rain and coming at quite a speed. There should have been some photgraphs of the landscape in this spectacular part of Dartmoor to go with this posting, but it was not a day for stopping to take pictures.

Needless to say my house, like several others I can think of, is still festooned with dripping waterproofs, or not so waterproofs. And the forecast for tomorrow is dry and warm – bother!!