In 2018 DEFRA change the legislation outlining the passporting of equines. For the first time it was required that a semi-wild pony auctioned at the traditional Drift Sale and leaving Dartmoor must be given a full paper passport before it can leave the Sale field. It also demanded that the paper passport included a silhouette (a drawing of the pony’s appearance).

It is not possible for a full paper passport to be issued by an accredited Passport Issuing Office in a field with no power, no buildings and no 4G/internet connection.

If ponies are not sold at the Drift Sale, they face being culled.

Charlotte Faulkner, through her charity Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony and the Pony-keepers of Dartmoor (formally known as the Dartmoor Hill Pony Association) began work to find a compromise which DEFRA could accept. This is what they did at 2019 Drift Sale…