The DPA Devonport Leat team turned out again on Friday 12th October, for the 20th day of work. We continued cutting largely straggly trees that have grown in or on the banks of the leat, among the more mature trees. The smaller trees are generally not in good shape, often having been broken or grazed down only to regrow with several stems.

Other trees have grown up and have become damaged or deformed and these are usually removed quite efficiently. There are others that are damaged and have dead or rotten limbs. Some trees are healthy and where these are in locations that will not cause damage later and are not crowding other trees, they can be left to fill in spaces or to grow on and replace some of the older trees that will come to their natural end eventually.

One aspect of tree care that I forgot today was to cut some large ivy stems that we saw – these will damage the trees that they are on. Memo to self – return visit needed!

As always, I must say a huge “thank you” to Barbara & Roger, Bill, Chris, Derek, Elaine & John, Helen, John & Rachel, Sylvia and Val, who along with seven volunteers from Western Mortgage Services and myself made a total of 20 workers.

“Thank you” to the volunteers from Western Mortgage Services …..

Team from Western Mortgage Services on Devonport Leat

Another “Thank you” goes to Sylvia and Rachel, our Cake Queens today – one cake was a rather scrumpious chocolate cake that was very satisfying, at least, to myself! I’m told the other was a lemon cake but I missed out on that one!

The previous blog ‘post’ (below, 27th Sept.) had a lot of photographs to make up for not usually having many to show you – today, normal service is resumed – we were too busy to wander about taking photographs! Having said that, I was surprised at just how much ground we covered, again. The weather was kind to us except for the last few minutes when we were leaving the site – there was a sharp hail shower – autumn is coming!