Next week sees the beginning of the DPA conservation team’s bracken bashing season. We will be attacking sites on Sharpitor, Leeden Hill, Grimspound, Venford Reservoir and High House Waste, near Cornwood, on selected dates over the summer.

Bracken is a really invasive plant and now there are so few ponies grazing the moor it has become a serious problem in some areas. The fronds you see above ground are only part of the plant. Their rhizomes spread huge distances underground and may be doing untold damage to the archaeological remains on Dartmoor. This is where the DPA volunteers come in, cutting back the bracken during its main growing season and weaken the plant. This prevents it spreading so quickly and in places we have worked on for several years we have seen the bracken reduce quite markedly.

So if you fancy a day out on Dartmoor with a difference, that will do both you and the moor some good, do come along and join in. Call the office on 01822 890646 or email via the website for more details.