Having chosen the only wet day of the week last week for our first visit to attack the bracken on the Buckland Common Bronze Age settlement, the event was postponed from the Tuesday to the Wednesday. Fortunately, 10 volunteers were able to shuffle their commitments and come along to help make a start. The sight of the bracken was quite daunting!


Starting work

Starting work. Photo: Derek Collins



The crew taking a well-earned break on a hot, sunny day

The crew taking a well-earned break on a hot, sunny day. Photo: Derek Collins


It was amazing how much we managed to clear with only a small group.


The result of our efforts

The result of our efforts. Photo: Derek Collins


Our second visit went ahead as scheduled on Tuesday 18th July. This time we were able to field ” the A Team”, a full complement of 5 machinists.


Machinists at the ready

Machinists at the ready. Photo: Rachel Watson


Even the DPA Director, Phil Hutt was able to come along and lend a hand.


Phil Hutt enjoys a change from office work

Phil Hutt enjoys a change from office work. Photo: Rachel Watson


Unfortunately, after lunch the rumble of thunder made us beat a hasty retreat to the safety of the pub! Despite the slightly shortened day, a good swathe of the upper part of the site has been cleared. With three more visits planned for this summer a large section of the settlement should be visible to passers-by. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on the clearance.