Dartmoor Matters Publications

Dartmoor Matters is the members' newsletter for the DPA. It is published three times each year in April, August and December. Besides containing a roundup of current issues and affairs that affect Dartmoor, it has reports of recent member events and a variety of articles of general interest in Dartmoor.
The magazine is usually mailed with a programme of upcoming events, guided walks and visits. These can also be separately downloaded from this website.

    1. Dartmoor Matters, Issue 191

      Dartmoor Matters, Issue 191, Autumn 2016 Contents DPA News Pudsham Meadows The Pompeii of Dartmoor Rumblings from the Chair Ancient Boundaries / Modern Farming New website & logo Called Home – Book Review The Ancient Tenements of Dartmoor – Dury Farm Conservation A new vehicle for the volunteers Roborough Common – Two Moors Threatened Butterfly…

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    2. Dartmoor Matters Issue 190 – Summer 2016

      Contents DPA News The Dartmoor House Martin Project The Prehistoric Burial Cist on Whitehorse Hill Rumblings from the Chair The Ancient Tenements of Dartmoor – Sherberton Farm Ted Birkett Dixon Conservation Buckland Common – an Exciting New Project for Volunteers Mardon Down – Conserving a Chequered History Download your copy here.

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    3. Dartmoor Matters Issue 189

      Dartmoor Matters Issue 189 – Winter 2015-16 DPA News The DPA’s Dartmoor Land Holdings A Better Future For Devon’s Birds – Conference Report The Ancient Tenements of Dartmoor – Pizwell Farm Sixty Years With The DPA Helping The DPA In So Many Ways Volunteer Day With Devon County Council Waste Management Team Hawns And Dendles –…

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    4. Dartmoor Matters Issue 188

      Dartmoor Matters Issue 188 – Autumn 2015 The Flora and Fauna of High House Waste A Better Future for Devon’s Birds Car-nage on the Moor The Ancient Tenements of Dartmoor – Babeny Farm The Dartmoor Conservation Garden Launch DPA News Rumblings from the Chair Download your copy here.  

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    5. Dartmoor Matters Issue 187

      Dartmoor Matters Issue 187 – Spring 2015 Is Dartmoor Too Popular For It’s Own good? Devon Hedges in Spring Ancient Tenements of Dartmoor – Runnage Devon Hedges in Spring Anti-Social Behaviour – a Ranger’s Perspective Planning – Progress vs Preservation Download your copy here.

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    6. Dartmoor Matters Issue 186

      Dartmoor Matters Issue 186 – Winter 2014/2015 Ancient Tenements – Huccaby Farm Re-wilding of Dartmoor Restoration of Bovey Pottery Leat Poets and Conservationists Download your copy here.

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