Constitution for the Dartmoor Preservation Association Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Registration No: 1182974) “the CIO” as approved at the AGM 25th May 2019
The name of the CIO shall be “Dartmoor Preservation Association”
Office location
The principal office of the CIO is in Princetown, Devon, England. Its principal area of operation shall consist of the Dartmoor National Park plus bordering parishes.

The Objects of the CIO are the conservation, preservation, protection and enhancement of the landscape, antiquities flora and fauna, natural beauty, cultural heritage and the scientific merit of Dartmoor for the public benefit, in particular but not exclusively by:

  • The protection and preservation of public access to and on Dartmoor subject to the ancient rights of commoners;
  • The preservation in the public interest of the Dartmoor Commons and for this purpose to assist and co-operate with the commoners and any organisation in achieving this object;
  • The study of and the recording and publication of information upon the antiquities, history and natural history of Dartmoor; and
  • The study, in co-operation with other bodies, of future trends on Dartmoor and the putting forward of ideas to ensure their development along lines in harmony with the above objects.

A full copy of the Constitution of the CIO, or of the Dartmoor Preservation Association Unincorporated Association (Registration No: 215665) will be provided on request. See Contact tab for details.