Here are the answers to our celebratory bumper Week 75 quiz.

We hope you have enjoyed pitting your wits against Julia, our tireless quiz setter, and may have learned a little about Dartmoor and it’s surrounding villages.

Answers to Week 75

  1. Meldon Pool
  2. Honeysuckle
  3. 1956
  4. The Zebra fish can repair its heart if it is partially destroyed.
  5. Moretonhampstead
  6. The Ramappa Temple located in Telangana state was added to the list of World Heritage Sites due to tis intricate sandstone and basalt sculptures.
  7. The speed of trains was limited due to the curve and exposed position of the viaduct.
  8. Australia
  9. Grades of tea leaves.
  10. Chagford
  11. Suffolk
  12. Gutter Tor near the Scout Hut