Looking across the East Dart valley from Corndon Tor – April 2011


We hope that you enjoyed our first quiz and found some interesting facts about Dartmoor, as well as some more general knowledge. The answers to Week 1 are given at the bottom of this post.

Meanwhile… here is Week 2!

1. Which Victoria Cross winner has his last resting place on Pew Tor?
2. When was the Dartmoor National Park founded?
3. What is the name of the new long-distance walking route on Dartmoor?
4. Which famous family used to reside at Fardel Manor, Cornwood?
5. What was the original Cenotaph in White hall made of?
6. According to recent research what 1970’s fashion item would people most like to see return?

Get quizzing!


Answers to Week 1

1. Pew Tor
2. Buckland Monachorum
3. As well as an air raid shelter, it had a shadow factory to continue making aircraft even during air raids.
4. Captain John  Joyner originally for the Junior Leaders Regiment.
5. Iron Bridge, Shropshire
6. New Zealand