A bit late this week because of a combination of annual leave and work, but Week 27 is finally here!

Week 27

  1. Which is the largest expanse of unglaciated upland in Great Britain?
  2. In what year was the first All Blacks Rugby Team formed?
  3. In what century was the Taj Mahal built?
  4. What was the real name of Lewis Carroll, author of 2Alice in Wonderland”?
  5. Which long-distance path takes you between Dogmarsh Bridge and Rushford Mill?
  6. Where is this logan stone to be found?


Answers to Week 26

  1. The murder of Thomas Becket.
  2. King Philip 1V of France
  3. George Axelrod
  4. Abbots’ Way
  5. 1956
  6. Chichory