Hope you got on well with last week’s quiz. The answer’s are below this week’s questions.

Spring is well on the way on the moor so above is a picture from a few years ago of a carpet of celandine and moss clothing the ground beside a granite wall in the Dart valley.

Week 3

  1. Who designed an early example of a battle tank in the 1480’s?
  2. To what British mammals is the fearsome Honey Badger from Africa  related?
  3. Approximately, how many square miles does the Dartmoor National Park cover?
  4. What is the highest point on Dartmoor?
  5. What naturally produced substances smell of pear drops?
  6. In what year was Bellever Forest established?


Answers to Week 2

  1. Cyril Martin – VC, DSO, CBE
  2. 1951
  3. Dartmoor Way
  4. 4.Raleigh or Hele
  5.  Canvas & wood
  6.  Knee-high boots