This is the final quiz, produced entirely by DPA member Julia Quant, in an astounding 75 week run of quizzes about Dartmoor and the wider world. We hope that it helped you to virtually visit Dartmoor when you weren’t able to visit in person.

The answers to this bumper edition of the quiz will be published here next Monday. The answers to Week 74’s quiz are below this week’s questions.

Happy quizzing for the last time.

Week 75

  1. What is the name of the old limestone mine with two lime kilns near Meldon?
  2. What is the common name given to Woodbine?
  3. In what year did The Princetown Railway close?
  4. What is unusual about the heart of a Zebra fish?
  5. Where on Dartmoor was a water-powered fulling mill installed for the woollen industry before the end of the 13th century?
  6. Which Indian shrine has recently been added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites and why?
  7. Why were speed and weight restrictions applied to trains crossing the Meldon Viaduct?
  8. Which is the only continent without an active volcano?
  9. What are Tannings, Gold Dust and Queen Jat?
  10. Ashburton, Plympton and Tavistock are three Stannary Towns in Devon but which is the fourth?
  11. Which county in Britain inspired John Constable’s paintings The Haywain and Boat Building near Flatford Mill?
  12. Where is this hanging rock on Dartmoor?


Answers to Week 74

  1. Willsworthy range
  2. He fell whilst climbing on the steep cliffs at Marche-les-Dames.
  3. Peru & Bolivia
  4. The Tavistock Canal
  5. A.A. Milne
  6. Pew Tor