It is lovely to able able to see some more of the Moor now and summer is coming on.

Week 10

  1. Which moor was the scene of a series of devasting fires in 2019, which destroyed about 700 hectares (1,700 acres) of moorland and took four days to put out?
  2. What river runs along the boundary of HM Prison, Dartmoor?
  3. At the foot of which tor is The Nutcrackers stone?
  4. Who designed the bronze statue on Wellington Arch, London?
  5. What shape is a Stickleback’s nest?
  6. What group of fungi do these belong to?


Answers to Week 9

  1. Grimstone & Sortridge Leat
  2. HMS Beagle
  3. Her vast collection of shoes & excessive spending!
  4. It was originally a small house inhabited until the mid-1960’s.
  5. Freelands & Water hamlets
  6. Thyroid