Dartmoor is greening up now and there’s a real sense that summer has arrived..if only because it’s started raining again!

Here are a few more questions to test your Dartmoor and more general knowledge.

Week 11

  1. Hapstead Ford crosses which river on Dartmoor?
  2. What was Beatrix Potter’s married name?
  3. With the proceeds of what trade was Speke Hall in Liverpool built?
  4. On which hill on Dartmoor is Perre’s Bound Stone?
  5. Which former English rugby star recently went public about his struggles with mental illness?
  6. Who is the most famous prisoner at HMP Dartmoor to escape and despite the biggest manhunt ever mounted on the moor was never recaptured?

And the answers to Week 10 were…

  1. Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire
  2. Blackbrook River
  3. Rippon Tor
  4. Adrian Johns
  5. A tube
  6. Bracket fungi