My goodness, we are into Week 12 of our quiz and a huge thank you to Julia, our quiz-setter!

Week 12

  1. What is the name of the disused mine outside Mary Tavy?
  2. In mythology for what were the Argonauts searching?
  3. What was the purpose of the Preventive Water Guard in Suffolk during the 18th century?
  4. Which famous former politician has a family home at Bagtor Mill?
  5. In what country was the famous rock star Freddie Mercury born?
  6. Where are the Horseshoe Falls on Dartmoor?


The answers to Week 11 are:

  1. River Mardle
  2. Mrs. William Heelis
  3. Transatlantic slavery
  4. Ryder’s Hill
  5. Jonny Wilkinson
  6. Frank Mitchell (the Mad Axeman)