As the temperature climbs on Dartmoor we thought you would enjoy something interesting from the cooler spots on the moor.

On the walls of old mine adits, in natural caves created by boulders and in a small old stone building, possibly a potato cave, on Babeny Farm grows one of Dartmoor’s  stranger plants. The luminous moss, Schistostega osmundacea, is also known as Goblin’s Gold.

Enjoy Week 13 of our quiz.

Week 13

  1. For what purpose was the Galileo system invented in 2005?
  2. What is the top of the head between the ears of a horse called?
  3. What did Alan Turing christen the first decoding machine designed to break the German’s Enigma code?
  4. What ancient hill fort is situated near Buckfast?
  5. What is the slogan on Bovey Tracey’s boundary signs?
  6. Where is Stephen’s Grave situated on Dartmoor?

The answers to Week 12 were as follows:

  1. Wheal Betsy
  2. The hide of a sheep impregnated with gold.
  3. To record the amounts of the tobacco, tea and alcohol brought ashore by smugglers.
  4. Lord Tebbit
  5. Stone Town, Zanzibar (Tanzania)
  6. On the river Dart, near New Bridge