From a few years ago, this picture was taken driving up the spectacular Challacombe valley. It will be looking a bit different today…if you can see it at all!

Week 14 and our quiz continues, with the indefatigable Julia coming up with questions to test your knowledge of Dartmoor and beyond.

Week 14

  1. In which group of Polynesian islands is Raiatea?
  2. What was the main industry that was the basis of Moretonhampstead’s economy for over 700 years?
  3. Who was the first Duke of Cornwall?
  4. In days gone by what was the name given to the price local farmers had to pay to have their grain milled?
  5. What was the name given to the former copper mine situated near Mary Tavy, which was once the largest in the world?
  6. “Witches’ Bells” is one of the many common names for which plant?


The answers to Week 13 are…

  1. To provide a satellite-based navigation system.
  2. The poll.
  3. Victory
  4. Hembury Fort
  5. “The Gateway to the Moor”
  6. Lower slopes of White Tor