Full of bio-diversity, here is a glimpse of an important Dartmoor habitat: Rhos pasture. Lush and green at this time of year, Rhos pasture is home to many threatened species, including the Marsh fritillary butterfly.

We are now at Week 15 of the quiz and we hope you are enjoying the weekly chance to pit your wits against our quiz setter. As ever the answers to Week 14’s quiz are below this weeks quiz.

Week 15

  1. What length of time does Halley’s Comet take to complete its orbit of the earth?
  2. What does an Oak Apple contain?
  3. On what long-distance path on Dartmoor might you cross the Cataloo steps?
  4. What does GPS stand for?
  5. Where is the grave of George Stephenssaid to have committed suicide after losing the prospect of marriage to Mary Bray, a farmer’s daughter?
  6. What river does this early morning photo show?


Answers to Week 14

  1. Society Islands
  2. Wool
  3. Edward – the Black Prince, son of King Edward 111
  4. A multure
  5. Wheal Friendship
  6. Foxgloves