The abandoned medieval village at Houndtor is a fascinating place to explore on a summer day.

Here are the questions for our 16th Dartmoor and beyond quiz and the answers to last weeks quiz are below.

Week 16

  1. At what point on Dartmoor is it possible to cross a river by stepping stones, a ford or a bridge?
  2. Which literary heroine falls asleep at Stonehenge?
  3. This week commemorates the 35th anniversary of the global Live Aid concerts but which band opened the concert at Wembley Stadium?
  4. Which two unusual events would normally take place annually at a ceremony in Ashburton during July?
  5. Which church tower on Dartmoor was hit by a plane during WW11?
  6. What is the name of this moth?


Answers to Week 15

  1. Once every 76 years
  2. Larvae of the Gall-wasp.
  3. The Lych Way
  4. Global Positioning System
  5. Peter Tavy
  6. West Dart