We have reached Week 17 of our Dartmoor and beyond quiz as Dartmoor returns to something approaching normal. It is great to see so many people out enjoying the moor, showing just how much Dartmoor means to so many.

As ever the answers to Week 16 will be found at the bottom of this post.

Week 17

  1. Which small village in Somerset became home to Geoffrey Chaucer, author of The Canterbury Tales?
  2. What in nautical terms is a cross-jack?
  3. Which river is spanned by the Clifford Bridge?
  4. In which Dartmoor village did a custom develop to carry the coffin of a dead villager three times round a granite cross in the churchyard?
  5. Windmill Tump in Gloucestershire is a fine example of what?
  6. Where on Dartmoor was this photo taken?


Answers to Week 16 quiz

  1. High Down Ford
  2. Tess Durbeyfield
  3. Status Quo
  4. Ale tasting & bread weighing
  5. St. Paul’s, Yelverton
  6. Magpie Moth