Here is our 18th quiz! You will find the answers to Week 17 below.

  1. What type of organism is a ringworm?
  2. What is affixed to a seat at Black Rock on Dartmoor?
  3. Which is the only common British Fern to have two types of frond – one carrying spores on the underside and narrower ones that are vegetative ones?
  4. Which reservoir was constructed on Dartmoor during the 1880’s when it was found Tottiford reservoir could not supply enough water for Torbay?
  5. Which well-known nobleman presided at the Great Court of the Stanneries on Crocken Tor in 1600?
  6. Teazels were originally used for what two functions?


Answers to Week 17 quiz

  1. North Petherton
  2. The square sail below the lowest mizzenmast spar on a ship.
  3. River Teign
  4. Manaton
  5. A long barrow
  6. Hucken Tor