Walking by the river Dart yesterday, in summer afternoon sunshine, it was a pleasure to see a Gatekeeper butterfly sunning itself amongst the oak leaves, ling and bell heather.

As Julia, our quiz setter, says it is difficult to believe that we have reached Week 19 and Covid-19 is still going strong!

Here’s this weeks quiz with the answers to Week 18 below. Good luck!

Week 19

  1. Where is the rock known as “Parliament Rock”?
  2. What is the name of the larger of the two species of toadstool found on Dartmoor growing on dung in late summer?
  3. Scenes from the film “War Horse” were filmed on Dartmoor but what was the name of the horse, whose experiences in WW1 were depicted in the story?
  4. Which pop star performed at the Live Aid concerts in both Wembley Stadium and in Philadelphia?
  5. Against which institutions was the Combination Acts of 1799 & 1800 used?
  6. What tor does this early morning photo show?


Answers for Week 18

  1. Fungi
  2. A plaque with a poem written by Capt. Hunter on his last visit to Lydford before he was killed in WW1.
  3. Hard Fern
  4. Kennick Reservoir
  5. Sir Walter Raleigh
  6. Carding wool prior to spinning and used to produce a napped surface on fabrics.