The hot weather has gone and Dartmoor is being refreshed by much needed rain…sometimes a little too refreshed!

Here is Week 20 of our quiz! Thank you Julia.

  1. Which creature has a gland in its abdominal section, which contains the highest concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the animal kingdom?
  2. For what did Chesley B. Sullenberger 111 become famous on January 15th 2009?
  3. Where is Lady Howard’s Walk?
  4. Where was the soldier killed, who is commemorated by Hunter’s plaque at Black Rock?
  5. What is the main component gas in the atmosphere?
  6. What is the name of this iconic structure on Dartmoor?


And the answers to Week 19 are…

  1. Flint
  2. In Town Orchard.
  3. The Devil’s Kitchen
  4. Britt Ekland
  5. Water in the canal comes from mines containing traces of iron ore.
  6. The Touchstone