Summer is well and truly here and with it grazing animals potter around near the roads. Please give them plenty of room.

Here is Week 20 in our quiz series – we were never expecting it to go on so long, but we hope you are enjoying it.

Week 20

  1. What was mined at Grime’s Graves in Norfolk?
  2. Where in Lustleigh is the May Queen crowned?
  3. What is the large pool called at Tavy Cleave where the River Tavy cascades through a narrow cleft?
  4. Which Swedish actress starred in “The Wicker Man”?
  5. Why is the Bridgewater Canal in Manchester orange?
  6. By what name is this stone on Dartmoor known?


Answers to Week 19

  1. Crockern Tor
  2. Dung Bonnet
  3. Joey
  4. Phil Collins
  5. Trade Unions
  6. Bellever Tor