It’s still summer, but the rowan berries are turning red here on Dartmoor, signalling a change to autumn is on the way.

Here is Week 21 of our Dartmoor and beyond quiz to tickle your “little grey cells”. The answers to Week 20 are below this weeks quiz.

Week 21

  1. Who composed the poem inscribed on The Touchstone?
  2. Which beetle is known to move a corpse of a small animal from hard ground to softer areas to bury it so it can be used to lay eggs on?
  3. Who brought “The Slave Trade Act” into being in the British Parliament in  1807?
  4. Which progressive school was founded by A.S. Neill in 1921?
  5. What was the name given to the working areas where the paving or “setts” for Plymouth streets were made on Dartmoor?
  6. From what country does the “Bottle Brush” tree originate?


Answers to Week 20

  1. Bombardier Beetle
  2. He was the Captain of a passenger airliner that lost the use of all its engines due to a bird strike. He landed the plane on the River Hudson successfully and everyone survived the incident.
  3. Okehampton Castle
  4. Biefvilliers
  5. Nitrogen
  6. Pics Well