We were wondering if anyone has managed to answer all the questions that Julia has set over the last six months correctly without having to resort to Dr Google? If you have, do let us know.

Week 26

  1. As part of what penance was the church constructed in Bovey Tracey in 1200?
  2. Which king was known as Philip the Fair?
  3. Who wrote the play “The Seven Year Itch”?
  4. What path does the Pixie’s Cross mark?
  5. Until what year was the warrener’s house at Huntingdon Warren Farm lived in?
  6. What is the name of this distinctive blue wild flower?


Answers to Week 25

  1. Tavistock, Chagford & Ashburton
  2. Plover’s Barrows
  3. Living Doll
  4. River Teign & Sowton Brook
  5. Foggintor
  6. Mackerel sky