This autumnal view is from Bonehill Rocks looking back up the valley towards Natsworthy.

Here is Week 29 – can you believe that! – of our Dartmoor and Beyond quiz. Many thanks to our hard working quiz setter!

Week 29

  1. The statue in the niche at Ilsington church depicts which saint?
  2. Where is the headquarters of the World Health Organisation?
  3. Which British monetary unit was issued as a coin from 1983?
  4. Where on Dartmoor was the site of the meeting place of the Great Court of the Stannary Parliament?
  5. The scree at Pike O’ Stickle in the Lake District contains the remains of what?
  6. Which small town on Dartmoor was voted “Best Place to live in England” in 2015?


Answers to Week 28

  1. Alfred, King of Wessex
  2. William de Tracey
  3. Buckfast & Tavistock
  4. River Yangtze
  5. Krypton
  6. Catherine of Aragon – the first wife of Henry V111