Unbelievably this is Week 30 of our quiz. As ever the answers to Week 29 are below this weeks questions.

Week 30

  1. What was the name of the Scottish hero played by Mel Gibson in the film “Brave heart”?
  2. Which points on Dartmoor does The Irishman’s Wall go between?
  3. What is the Miolstone thought to signify?
  4. Which famous cook was made a Dame in the Queen’s Birthday Honours this year?
  5. What does a hemi-parastic plant do?
  6. Where on Dartmoor was this photo taken?


Answers to Week 29

  1. St. George
  2. Switzerland
  3. £1 coin
  4. Crockern Tor
  5. Axe-making debris from around 3,800BC
  6. Chagford