The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that Week 31 didn’t get posted last week. Apologies, but a combination of IT issues and workload meant that it slipped under the radar. The good news is that you will get two quizzes this week!

As ever the answers to Week 30 are below this weeks quiz questions.

Week 31

  1. What was the name of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship in which he made his legendary Antarctic expedition in 1914?
  2. How many figures are carved along the bottom of the rood screen in Bridford church?
  3. In which churchyard does a lady not want her bones disturbed?
  4. What do Dartmoor and Wales have in common?
  5. Which three countries signed the Tripartite Pact in September 1940?
  6. Which English meteorologist is commemorated with a blue plaque at Tottenham as a “namer of clouds”?


Answers to Week 30

  1. William Wallace
  2. From the River Taw over Belstone Hill almost down to the River East Okement.
  3. The furthest point Napoleonic prisoners of war could walk from Widecombe when on parole.
  4. Mary Berry
  5. It takes water and nutrients from its host.
  6. Roos Tor