To catch up, after last weeks quiz got posted late, here is your second quiz of the week.

Answers to Week 31 are below the questions for Week 32.

Week 32

  1. How was America’s first Japanese prisoner of war captured in WW11?
  2. Which two castles are linked by the Two Castles Trail that crosses Dartmoor?
  3. In what art form did William de Morgan originally specialise?
  4. Which viaduct do you pass under if you visit “Lady’s Wood” nature reserve?
  5. Ebbor Gorge in Somerset has two geologically significant caves containing what?
  6. Who paid for the cross on Brat Tor?

Answers to Week 31

  1. The Endurance
  2. 28
  3. Ilsington churchyard
  4. Hills called “Snowden”
  5. Japan, Nazi Germany & Italy.
  6. Luke Howard – known as the “Father of Meteorology” for proposing the system for naming clouds.