Dartmoor has been very autumnal this week with mists, rain and the occasional sunny day. Perfect for a walk.

Our latest quiz is here and the answers to last week are below. Happy quizzing.

Week 33

  1. Which river does the Webburn flow into?
  2. In what year did Donald Campbell die attempting the world water speed record on Coniston Water?
  3. The wreck of which ship prompted Henry Winstanley to build the first lighthouse on the Eddystone Rock?
  4. In which area of Dartmoor is a narrow cleft known as “The Devil’s Kitchen”?
  5. Where are three tall stones with three fishes carved in relief on them to be seen on Dartmoor?
  6. What is the name of the largest member of the Mandolin family?

Answers to Week 32

  1. He formed part of the two-man crew of a midget submarine that beached on a reef off Bellows Field in Pearl Harbor after the gyrocompass broke.
  2. Okehampton and Launceston castles.
  3. Stained glass
  4. Glaze Viaduct
  5. The bones of Ice Age mammals.
  6. William Widgery