Autumn is heading towards winter and some Dartmoor livestock will spend the winter out on the moor, whilst others will be brought closer to home to graze the in-bye land.

Our quiz master, however, continues undaunted and today reaches Week 34! As ever, the answers to last weeks quiz will be found below this weeks questions.


Week 34

  1. What was the other name listed in 1240 as one of the boundary marks of “The Forrest of Dartmoor” called “Mistor Pan”?
  2. Which points are joined by The Templar Way?
  3. Which mammal has recently been reintroduced into England after being extinct for 400 years?
  4. What does the cross on Brat Tor commemorate?
  5. What did The Football Association (FA) ban in 1988?
  6. What taste do the leaves and flowers of Wood Sorrel have?


Answers to Week 33

  1. River Dart
  2. 1967
  3. His own ship “Constant”.
  4. Tavy Cleave
  5. Boundary stones of the Heathercombe Estate
  6. Mandocello