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Week 35

  1. What is the name given to a score of 81 in darts?
  2. Which American General, who fought in the American Revolutionary War was born in Shaugh Prior?
  3. Which steep valley does Ponsworthy lie in?
  4. What impressions may be made up of loops, whorls and arches?
  5. In what year was Japan forced to open its borders to trade with USA?
  6. How are the figures carved along the bottom of the rood screen in Bridford Church unusual?

Answers to Week 34

  1. “The Devil’s Frying Pan”
  2. Haytor to Teignmouth
  3. Beavers.
  4. The Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887.
  5. The use of artificial pitches.
  6. Oxalic acid – weak lemon juice.