Week 36! I can’t believe it. Well done to our amazing quiz setter who keeps coming up with new questions to tease your brains.

Week 36

  1. In April 1941 what did US Military Intelligence in Washington warn that Axis partners often did?
  2. What is the name given to the track that leads from Knowle Road into the centre of Lustleigh?
  3. What minerals were mined at Bridestowe?
  4. In the Hobbit, what type of creature was “Smorg”?
  5. What does the Nuremberg Chronicle produced in 1499 document?
  6. What is the name given to the large well-preserved stone circle near Gideigh?

Answers to Week 35

  1. A “snow storm” after the Great Victorian Blizzard in 1881.
  2. Joseph Palmer (1716 – 1788)
  3. West Webburn River valley.
  4. Fingerprints.
  5. 1854
  6. They are carved in relief as well as painted.