When our intrepid quiz setter started this I don’t think she was expecting to keep it going this long, but thank you for all your hard work.

Next week there will be a double quiz to take you over the festive season.

As ever the answers to last weeks quiz are below this weeks questions.

Week 38

  1. Which musician recorded an album called “Kitty Jay” in Horrabridge?
  2. What does the disease ” Malaria” literally mean?
  3. What was the original purpose of the ruined buildings at Shaugh Bridge?
  4. Haille Selassie was Emperor of which country from 1930 – 1974?
  5. Who wrote the musical “Oliver!?
  6. For what purpose was Cadover Cross originally erected? (photo courtesy of Keith Ryan)
Cadover Cross, February 2007

Cadover Cross, February 2007

Answers to Week 37

  1. Zirconium
  2. The Mad Monk of Gidleigh by Michael Jecks
  3. Humphrey
  4. Lustleigh
  5. Doric columns
  6. Len Deighton