We start this week with a photograph from 2015 showing ponies amongst the remnants of swaled gorse, on the hills above Widecombe. We hope that you are enjoying the quiz and that it is being fun learning about Dartmoor and the wider world.

The answers to last week’s quiz are at the bottom of this post.

Week 4

  1. Which fictional character inspired the formation of the Ten Tors Challenge?
  2. Who declared in 1772 that there was no “basis in common law in England for slavery”?
  3. In what year was Dartmoor designated a National Park?
  4. Who was known as “The Jersey Lily”?
  5. What lethal gas smells of almonds?
  6. What is the lowest point on Dartmoor?


Answers to Week 3

  1. Leonardo da Vinci
  2. Stoats, Weasels, Pine Martins
  3. 368 square miles
  4. High Willhays
  5. Ketones
  6. 1931