The ponies are increasingly down in the valleys these winter days looking for food and shelter. Their winter coats are thick and shiny too.

Perfect weather for staying indoors and doing a quiz!

Week 43

  1. Who produced the sculptures on the church tower of St. Andrew in Ashburton?
  2. Which island did Captain Cook name ” The Friendly Islands” when he arrived there in 1773?
  3. What variety of quartz was found in an iron mine adjacent to Haytor Granite quarries?
  4. What is the name given to 2nd February?
  5. What are the three variations of names for the “Wood Anemone” heard in Devon?
  6. What is the name of this well-known tor on Dartmoor?


Answers to Week 42

  1. Russian
  2. Wigford Down
  3. Three strikes
  4. The Bowerman’s Nose
  5. Leeches in a bottle with a inch of water in the bottom & a piece of whalebone set loosely in a brass tube.
  6. The Sticklepath Fault