After a dramatic week on Dartmoor with fire, ice and howling winds we have returned to more normal conditions – slightly damp and milder!

Here is week 48 of our quiz and the answers to last weeks questions are, as ever, below.

Week 48

  1. What is a baby Alpaca called?
  2. In what year did Sir Thomas Tynwhitt start improving the moor at Tor Royal, Princetown?
  3. Which internationally famous musician comes from Yelverton?
  4. Where was Britain’s oldest complete skeleton found estimated to be over 10,000 years old?
  5. Which member of the Royal Family fronted the TV documentary “A Planet for Us All!?
  6. What are these common red buds often seen on Dartmoor?



Answers to Week 47

  1.  They died due to a strategic bombing mission by a German Zeppelin that had been blown off course, which was the World’s first Strategic Bombing Mission.
  2. Haytor
  3. Dutch
  4. The Great Thunderstorm in 1638
  5. Suffolk
  6. Hart Tor