It finally feels as though Spring is coming to Dartmoor, which is especially welcome this year.

We reach week 49 of our quiz and our indefatigable quiz setter is still going strong! As ever the answers to last week’s questions are below this week’s quiz.

Week 49

  1. Which deserted medieval village lies close to Widecombe-in-the-Moor?
  2. What is an understatement that is made for the purpose of irony or emphasis called?
  3. On which river does the village of Sticklepath stand?
  4. Who created “Paddington Bear”?
  5. The pub in which village was managed by Mabel Mudge from 1919 – 1994, when she retired at the age of 99?
  6. What are the names given to these rainbows?

Answers to Week 48

  1. A cria.
  2. 1785
  3. Seth Lakeman
  4. Cheddar Gorge
  5. Prince William
  6. Red Soldier Lichen