We hope you are enjoying the quiz  – this week we’ve branched out into a photo question!


As ever the answers to last week are below this weeks questions.

Week 5

  1. From what point on Dartmoor was this photo taken?

  1. What was the real name of Mark Twain?
  2. Whortleberries grow on Dartmoor but by what other name are they known especially in the north of England?
  3. Who owns Foggintor Quarry on Dartmoor?
  4. Who was the only US President to hold a doctorate?
  5. What type of bridge is Meldon Viaduct?

Answers to Week 4

 1. Druid Lama – Flight from Llasa Tor

   2. Earl of Mansfield

    3. 1951

    4. Lillie Langtry

    5. Cyanide

    6. Doghole Bridge