Some bright clear days on the moor have been welcome after the rain. We’re all looking forward to getting out again, once restrictions are eased. This is Mel Tor from a previous March to get you in the mood.

Week 50

  1. What legend is believed to have caused the “Coffin Stone” on Dartmeet Hill to split in two lengthways?
  2. In which town was the parachute made, which helped land the NASA Perserverance rover on Mars?
  3. In what year was Tavistock Abbey founded?
  4. How old was Boris Becker when he first won the Men’s Singles title at Wimbledon?
  5. According to local legend, how did many of Lord Wentworth’s Regiment escape being captured by Oliver Cromwell’s Roundhead Army during a surprise attack at Bovey Tracey in 1646?
  6. Where did Geoffrey Chaucer’s pilgrims depart from to travel to Canterbury in 1387?

Answers to Week 49

  1. Hutholes
  2. Litotes
  3. River Taw
  4. Michael Bond
  5. Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton
  6. Primary (the brighter rainbow) & Secondary (the faint rainbow)