Back to cold, bright and frosty weather today, but Spring is very much on the way on Dartmoor. The first wild daffodils are out in the wooded valleys and birdsong is all around.

Next week will bring up the full year anniversary of this quiz and our brilliant quiz setter is planning a bumper quiz to celebrate.

In the meanwhile here is this week’s quiz with the answers to the last quiz below.

  1. Which archaeologist unearthed some of the greatest treasures ever found in UK at Sutton Hoo in 1938?
  2. Which film had a location in Widecombe-in-the-Moor in 2010?
  3. What is the flower known as “Lad’s Love” used for?
  4. In table tennis, what is the minimum number of points required to win a game?
  5. Which spot on Dartmoor inspired famous author, John Galsworthy to write a short story called “The Apple Tree”?
  6. In the modelling world what is this lichen commonly found on Dartmoor used for?

Answers to Week 50

  1. The body of a particularly wicked man was laid on it and God took exception to this and struck the stone with a thunderbolt, destroying the coffin and splitting the stone in two.
  2. Tiverton
  3. 961
  4. 17 years old
  5. Lord Wentworth’s troops dropped coins from upper windows down to the poorly paid soldiers of the Roundhead Army. They were so busy collecting them up that the Royalist troops were able to escape capture.
  6. Southwark